I'm glad You visited here. My name is Mateusz Magusiak. I'm a graphic designer and specialist in branding.

Working as a graphic designer is a result of completed education and passions to creating visual forms.

I majored in Corporate Design at the department of graphic design and communication at SWPS University (Wroclaw, Poland). The continuation of education was achieving master's degree in Communication Management - Image communication with specialization in Branding at University of Wroclaw.

I run a sole trader in which I specialise designing branding and visual identity, system of functional graphics though internet and print. Moreover, I help brand to work out marketing strategist and dermine to path to growth and development.

Apart from my design career I'm a professional breaking dancer and I work as breaking (breakdance) instructor. I'm also co-founder of Association of Artists calling BWA Breakers.

I'm looking foreward to succesful cooperation.